L-Y-N-D-H-U-R-S-T! What does that spell?: Students bid farewell to Mr. Snyder at Spring Pep Rally

May 9, 2019

By Angelena Barcia
Staff Writer

Students entered the gym on April 18, the day before a long-awaited spring break, to wish the spring athletes good luck on the rest of their season and to enjoy the last pep rally of the school year.

The event, which was organized by Student Government Association advisor Mr. Frew, included musical chairs, amoeba soccer, dizzy bat race, half-court shot, hula hoop contest, wacky relay, fastest pitch, three-legged race, hula hoop snake and the traditional pie eating contest.

While the pep rally was filled with joy and laughter, it ended on an emotional note as public speaking teacher Mr. Snyder led the L-Y-N-D-H-U-R-S-T chant for the last time. To honor Snyder, who will be retiring in June, physical education teacher Mr. Tuero guided the crowd in spelling out “Snyder.”

Photos from Angelena Barcia, Alexa Barreiros and Alyssa Ferrara


Video by Lea Torppey

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