Students reveal their essential beach bag items

June 11, 2019

By Sean Leonard

Summer is just days away, which means many will be heading to the beach for a relaxing vacation or day trip. Here’s what students say is the most important item in their beach bag:


“A bag inside of a bag”
Kayla Beurklian, sophomore





“Portable charger”
Jaylinn Colon, freshman






“Waterproof case”
Ally Giaimis, sophomore






“Sun In hair lightener spray”
Delaney Hibbits, freshman






“A speaker”
Alexia Jorge, sophomore






“A cooler with ice”
Juan Lozano, junior






“A frisbee or football to entertain myself”
Mostafa Mohamed, senior






Tim Ozturk, senior






“A beach chair”
Larissa Sales, senior






“Sunblock and some sandwiches”
James Sarubbi, freshman






“Towels for drying off”
Dachi Sulava, junior





“Spikeball net”
Michael Vazquez, junior





Photos by Sean Leonard


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