Girls basketball team wins home opener

Jan. 12, 2020

By Andrew Palma
Staff Writer

The girls basketball team kicked off the season with a 50-20 win at a home game against Ridgefield High School on Dec. 20. 

Senior Madison Schaefer, who plays point guard and shooting guard and has been on the team since her freshman year, said it was a good feeling to have started the season strong.

“We were prepared to play them. We’ve played them multiple times before, so we know their strengths and weaknesses, and we also had home court advantage,” Schaefer said.

“We have good court awareness and skills on offense. However, our defense is a work in progress, and we need to work on rebounding both offensively and defensively.”

Even though the team came away with a win, Schaefer said the team—which has a 6-4 record—still has room for improvement.

“We have good court awareness and skills on offense. However, our defense is a work in progress, and we need to work on rebounding both offensively and defensively,” Schaefer said.

She said the team’s vigorous workout routines prepared them for the long season ahead. 

“Our team needs to stay in shape, so we have so many practices where we do scrimmages. Our favorite is 11-man, basically a 3-on-2. This year, the team plays with only our point guards and shooting guards since we do not have much height. Last year, we had some in the starting lineup, but this year, we only have a few girls who can be a ‘big,’” Schaefer said.

Regardless of the adjustment, Schaefer said she holds high expectations for herself and her teammates.

“I expect us to have a winning record this season, do our best and try to qualify for counties,” Schaefer said. “I am excited for this season, although it is my last, and I’m going to miss everyone so much, especially the coaches,” Schaefer said.

Sophomore forward Meghan Docherty, who is new to the varsity team this year, said she is ready to contribute to the team at a high level while continuing to improve her game. 

“Being one of the taller and powerful players from having height and muscle, my height helps a lot with my defensive skills and rebounding,” Docherty said. “I can still improve with finishing around the basket and having more knowledge of the game.”

Docherty said she is ready to go up against major competition as she transitions from freshman basketball to varsity. 

“Last year, I was a freshman and played people my age, and it wasn’t as competitive. Now, playing against upperclassmen is a little more challenging and the coaching staff expects a lot more from me,” Docherty said.

She said with the guidance of Head Coach Mosca, her goal this season is to show improvement.

“I hope to have a good stat line and average a good amount of rebounds and assists this season,” Docherty said. “Coach Mosca is helping me improve a lot to become a better player. He is a very intelligent coach, and he knows a lot about the game and always pushes us to do our very best.”

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