With new players, boys basketball team focuses on future

Feb. 13, 2020

By Alexa Borino

With the goal of making it to the state tournament, the boys basketball team had three straight wins against Butler, Emerson and Harrison High Schools. 

Although off to a rocky start, the team has focused on the little things and strengthened their record to 8-11 as of Feb. 12. 

Sophomore Ricky Rainey said he is happy with how the team has been playing and working together through a rough patch.

“It’s so satisfying when we have a good team win. It’s a great feeling knowing that we played to our best ability,” Rainey said.

“Even without some of our key players, we put up a good fight against a really good league opponent.”

He said even though his team lost 62-73 at home against Leonia High School on Feb. 6, that game exemplified the team’s best performance.

“Even without some of our key players, we put up a good fight against a really good league opponent,” Rainey said.

Sophomore Carson Rodrigues said after losing some key players due to suspensions, he is excited to have been added to the roster and is looking forward to contributing to the team.

“We can’t worry about what happened. We just have to take it one game at a time. It is an honor, and it feels exquisite to ball out with my guys,” Rodrigues said.

He said he hopes to finish the season on a good note and make a run in the state tournament. Rodrigues said the players can accomplish this goal by perfecting a few aspects of their game.

“We could improve on communication and defense. We[‘ve] got a good point guard in Sean [Mayer], and overall, we are not a bad team,” Rodrigues said.

Mayer, a junior, said he has a lot of responsibility as the starting point guard. He said it is his job to take charge on offense and apply pressure to the defense.

“I have to make sure everyone is where they need to be and to run the offense efficiently,” Mayer said. 

He said it is important for the team to come back strong after making a bad play. 

“We can’t sit on one bad play the whole game,” Mayer said. “We have to continue to move on to the next play and keep playing our game.”

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