For seniors, loss of spring sports is especially difficult

March 27, 2020

By Brandon Ross
Staff Writer

Senior athletes were filled with mixed emotions on March 9 when they took to the field for their first spring sports practices. They felt excited because this would be their season to shine but sad because they knew it was the last first practice of their high school careers.

Little did they know that just three days later, they would be receiving notice that school and sports would be canceled for weeks and possibly for the rest of the season.

Senior Danny Valencia, who does the 4 x 200-meter relays and 200-meter run on the boys’ varsity track and field team, said he is devastated that the coronavirus pandemic has halted the spring sports season.

“I feel disappointed because I got injured during my indoor [track] season,” Valencia said. “I was ready to come back to outdoor [track] better than ever.”

Valencia, who will not be running track in college, said he will miss being the first leg of the 4 by 200-meter relay team in the event that the whole season gets canceled.

“This was my last year running track for LHS,” Valencia said. “I’m annoyed that I won’t be able to run anymore.”

The parking lot at the Recreation Center has been barricaded.

Senior Nicole Iglesias, who does high hurdles and the 200-meter dash on the girls’ track and field team, said she was looking forward to her first year on the varsity team.

“I love to see how much hard work and effort everyone puts into the sport,” Iglesias said. “Everyone has a [chance to be in the] spotlight.”

Iglesias said she had been looking forward to the spring track and field since the first day of her senior year.

“All I’ve been thinking about is spring track,” Iglesias said. “This will impact me because it’s my last year, and it really does suck that we have to spend it like this.”

Iglesias said she is not satisfied with what she contributed to the team during her past three seasons.

“I would have liked to improve as an athlete,” Iglesias said. “[I wanted to] help the freshmen grow a love for the sport.”

“I am extremely upset that I might not be able to play my senior year.”

Senior Elaina Henning, who is a left fielder on the softball team, said she took the news hard because softball is very important to her.

“I have been playing my entire life,” Henning said. “I am extremely upset that I might not be able to play my senior year.”

Henning said softball has been her way to escape from her problems and get rid of unwanted emotions by leaving them all out on the field.

“If we are lucky enough to continue out the season, I believe our team will definitely be prepared after a short number of practices,” Henning said. “This is a strong team and possibly the best team in my four years on varsity.”

The field is desolate at the Recreation Center where the softball team generally practices.

Despite being upset, Henning said she is trying to remain positive. She said even if she never steps on Lyndhurst’s field again, she will feel satisfied and grateful because of the contributions she has made to the team.

“I think this will impact me in the best way possible,” Henning said. “It will teach me to appreciate everything in life because nothing is guaranteed.”

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