Baseball team attends spring training despite the postponement of the season

April 10, 2020

By Alexa Borino

It was 3 a.m. on March 12, and junior Nick Morelli and his teammates were patiently waiting in the LHS field house for the bus to pick them up and take them to the airport. By 6 a.m., Morelli and the baseball team were on a flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to Palm Beach International Airport for their annual five-day spring training trip.

Even though there was the looming threat of the coronavirus, Morelli said he boarded the plane with a positive attitude and high hopes for a successful 2020 season.

That same evening, Lyndhurst Superintendent of Schools Mr. Grieco announced that all spring sports would be postponed until further notice. Despite this news, Morelli said the players approached their games as they normally would and had an enjoyable time.

“This trip gives us great competition and stuff we would see in our regular season. It really gets us prepared for the upcoming months of baseball,” Morelli said.

He said his life revolves around baseball and that it is a sport that brings him joy, especially during difficult times.

“The game is just so satisfying. Throwing, hitting [and] fielding is so great to watch. The diving plays, hard hits, stolen bases, I just love every aspect,” Morelli said.

He said baseball requires perseverance and determination.

“This trip is very special for us because it helps build team chemistry and always puts us ahead of teams back home.”

“In baseball, there will be many times where goals will not be accomplished. However, it should not stop or discourage anyone from continuing to try their best,” Morelli said. “Hitting is an aspect of the game that is unlike any other. It is the only time in sports you can fail 70 percent of the time and still be considered one of the greatest to ever play the game.”

Junior Yianni Lazaris said the spring training trip gave the baseball players an opportunity to be themselves and make memories that will last a lifetime.

“This trip is very special for us because it helps build team chemistry and always puts us ahead of teams back home,” Lazaris said.

He said he considers his teammates to be family. Lazaris said he is also happy that his real family cheers him on every step of the way.

“My mom is 100 percent my biggest supporter. She never misses games and is always there for me,” Lazaris said.

Like Lazaris, senior Billy Miriana said the bond the team shares made the spring training trip especially memorable.

“We all just joke around, and everyone on the team likes to have a good time. We also have established a family atmosphere, and everyone gets along well together,” Miriana said.

Along with having fun, Miriana said he learned a lot in Florida.

“It has made me a smarter player because now I know what to expect when I am up at the plate,” Miriana said. “This trip has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined.”

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