Senior Tributes

Alexa Barreiros, editor-in-chief

June 12, 2020

Wow, four years later, and it’s finally my turn to write my senior tribute, which is also my first and last article of senior year. I have thought for months about how I was going to start this tribute, so here it goes….

First, just a little bit of background information about me: I came to the Lyndhurst Public School District as a freshman. When I started at LHS, I knew no one, and I was put in a journalism class where I was the only a freshman. I was very scared, but everyone I met was so kind and friendly to me that I felt like I had been a Golden Bear all my life.

From the moment I saw then-editors-in-chief Jessie Bolton and Julie Pacillo laying out and creating such beautiful newspapers, I knew I wanted to hold that leadership position during my senior year.

So now, fast-forward to the present, four years later. I’m not a scared, little freshman anymore. I have changed just like everything does in life. And now, I can proudly say I am finishing out my tenure as one of the two editors-in-chief of this amazing publication. I was able to shed my little light on layout for this year, and I am oh so proud of the interviewing, writing and photography I have done during my four years in the program.

But one change I would have never expected is that I would not be able to finish out the school year sitting in Mrs. Weckstein’s room in the mornings on A and C days or in Mrs. Huntington’s room after school and during senior privilege laying out my final issue of the newspaper. I won’t be creating the beautiful senior issue I had been envisioning since December.

I was very scared, but everyone I met was so kind and friendly to me that I felt like I had been a Golden Bear all my life.

After mid-March, there were no more talks after school with The Lighthouse adviser Ms. Pastor about college decisions or what life would be like after LHS, so a sarcastic thank you COVID-19 for cutting my senior year short. But we won’t get SUPER sappy until the very end.

I now spend my school days sitting at home working on my laptop, armed with the knowledge Ms. Pastor and so many of my other teachers at LHS have imparted. I want to thank Ms. Pastor just a little extra because I have been her student for the past four years. Her guidance in journalism class and English I-Honors has been invaluable.

So, here I am wrapping up the last article of my FABULOUS high school career. I don’t want this to sound like an acceptance speech, but it might come across that way just a little bit.

I especially want to thank my mom and sister Caila for helping me have an amazing senior year despite the turn it’s taken due to the coronavirus. I got to help my little sister navigate through her freshman year at LHS and through her first assignments for The Lighthouse. Therefore, I leave my legacy with my sister.

I also want to thank my wonderful friends who have kept me on my toes and who stuck with me all four years. You have made my high school experience so amazing and worthwhile.

It has been a fun and thrilling ride, but now it’s time for me to “join the herd” as a Bronc at Rider University in Lawrence Township, N.J. In September, I’ll be starting my coursework there as a dance and elementary education major. However, no matter where life takes me, I’ll forever be grateful to the high school that warmly welcomed me and made me into a Golden Bear. LHS, I will never forget you.

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