Athlete Spotlight: John Lembo

Nov. 20, 2020

By Rafaella Paes

Junior John Lembo is the starting varsity quarterback on the football team. He has a long history with the game, as he began playing football when he was just four years old.

“There is no other position I’d rather play than quarterback,” Lembo said. “I’ve played it my whole life, and I think it’s the best position for me.”

Even though the team lost 27 seniors, Lembo said he was excited about this season because he was looking forward to seeing what the team could do.


Due to COVID-19, the team is limited to playing only eight games, and there will be no state game. 

“There is no other position I’d rather play than quarterback.”

“After such a great season last year, this year we don’t even have a chance to go to the states. As a junior, this year is important for me, and I just feel like the motivation in the team is at an all-time low because we have such a limited amount of games,” Lembo said.

VIDEO BY JOE MURGITTROYD II Junior John Lembo and the Golden Bears play in an away game against Manchester Regional High School in Haledon on Oct. 24.

Lembo, who grew up playing sports, said he has always valued athletics. Although he plays on LHS’ basketball and baseball teams, he said football is his main focus. In fact, Lembo said he has already started visiting prospective colleges and learning about their football programs.

“Even though I’m not graduating this year, I’m definitely looking forward to college and seeing what opportunities arise for my football career,” said Lembo.

PHOTOS BY LORS PHOTOGRAPHY Junior John Lembo plays at a home game against Garfield High School on Oct. 30.

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