Britney Spears in Chaotic Conservatorship with Her Father

April 1, 2021

By Olivia Oliveira
Staff Writer

Last summer, many people over social media expressed their fear for the famous pop-singer, Britney Spears. Spears has been in a conservatorship—also known as legal guardianship—with her father, Jamie Spears, and lawyer, Andrew Wallet, since 2008. This conservatorship gives Britney Spears no legal control over her estate or financial and personal assets, these rights are granted to her father and a lawyer.

Recently, the “Free Britney” Movement has gone viral and many fans have been protesting on Britney’s behalf, demanding that her conservatorship be put to an end. Although this movement has recently made a comeback, “” was launched back in 2009.

The “” website is still very active, and it includes a timeline of Spears’ conservatorship with her father and lawyer, as well as updates about any changes that may be made to Britney’s conservatorship.

English teacher Mrs. Burns is interested in the “Free Britney” movement but is unsure whether Spears is at risk.

“[Spears] often makes social media posts signaling to fans that she is doing okay… she has released statements that she is in control of her own life and involved in all the decisions made about it,” Burns said.

Burns said it is difficult to say whether Britney is under any sort of distress. Because of the unsure situation, it is difficult to decide if she should be freed from her conservatorship.

In 2020, the conservatorship was extended four times, and Spears asked for her father to be removed as her conservator twice. She has said that she is “afraid of her father.” Both requests were declined. Spears has said that she will not perform again if her father is still in control of her career.

Senior Bianca Palestis said there are both positives and negatives to Spears being exempt from her conservatorship.

“There are benefits in having family look over a person, but in this case, having family too close may ultimately not be beneficial,” Palestis said.

Palestis said this conservatorship may have put a strain on the relationship between Spears and her family.

“There are benefits in having family look over a person, but in this case, having family too close may ultimately not be beneficial.”

“Britney and her father may have tension in their relationship in the long run due to the stress and intensity of the situation,” Palestis said.

Although Spears was denied her request to remove her father as her conservator, she did claim a small victory over her conservatorship in September 2019. Her father had temporarily stepped down as the conservator—maintaining conservatorship of Britney’s estate—and assigned Jodi Pais Montgomery temporary conservator of Britney’s person.

Spears is still not fully in control of her life. For example, she is only allowed 30 percent unsupervised visitation rights of her children since her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, has full custody of their children.

Junior Stephanie Mizeski said Spears should be allowed more visitation rights over her children.

“I think Spears should be allowed a little more unsupervised visitation, maybe up to 40 to 45 percent because she still has to feel a sense of normalcy throughout her mental issues,” Mizeski said.

Mizeski said Spears should be rewarded with more visitation rights if her mental health positively progresses.

“Over time, if she shows genuine and healthier mental progression, little by little she could have more time unsupervised,” Mizeski said.

Currently, Britney Spears is still having her estate, financial assets and some personal assets managed by her father and lawyer. Most recently, a judge opted to extend the conservatorship in its current form through Feb. 1.

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