2020 election lawsuits stirs tension in politics and the people

April 20, 2021

By Bart Balbuza
Staff Writer

Multiple lawsuits were filed relating to state voting practices and management during the 2020 election. Many of these suits claim states broke federal laws by changing their voting procedures on such short notice before an election, and this is causing controversy amongst the political world.

One noteworthy case was Texas v. Pennsylvania, a lawsuit that the state of Texas took directly to the Supreme Court, claiming that the changes to voting laws that Pennsylvania and three other states made were unconstitutional. The plaintiff garnered the support of past President Donald Trump, as well as 126 members of Congress, while the defendant received support from 20 states and the District of Columbia. 

The case was ultimately dismissed by the Supreme Court for a lack of standing. 

The Supreme Court said the affairs of Pennsylvania and other states do not interfere with Texas conducts so they have no business filing a suit. 

Senior and legal enthusiast Michael Cerbo sees the situation as a performance for the politicians. 

“These lawsuits are just a show, in all honesty,” Cerbo said. 

Considering that the majority of these lawsuits were filed in support of Trump, there is significant backlash from supporters of President-Elect Joe Biden, and those who do not support Trump. 

This particular case garnering so much discussion that to be dismissed in a couple of sentences makes it seem pointless to some. 

Sophomore and political moderate Edward Cohen said he finds the cases as a misuse of the Court’s and public’s attention. 

“I believe that most, if not all, of these lawsuits are baseless and a complete waste of time,” Cohen said.

There were also lawsuits against Trump himself, such as Michigan Welfare Rights Org. v. Donald J. Trump, a lawsuit from three Black voters and the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, claiming that Trump used tactics to reverse the election results while disenfranchised voters in the Detroit area.

“These lawsuits are just a show.”

This suit was filed under the District of Columbia, which has jurisdiction over all matters relating to the Constitution.

“[H]e hardly impacted the voting process. The voting process is within the hands of the state government,” Cerbo said. 

As a result of the case being filed, Trump spawned controversies between supporters and non-supporters. The defendant being Trump specifically makes it seem misdirected to some. 

However, there is some dissent amongst those who have not supported Trump’s actions in the past. 

“Because of prior actions this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch,” said Cohen.

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