Photo gallery: Students strike a pose before heading off to prom

May 26, 2021

By Angela Ellis

Prior to heading off to prom on May 13, LHS’ students gathered at the Lyndhurst Municipal Park to pose for photos. This year’s prom took place at The Grove in Cedar Grove.

  • Juniors Julia Neff, Joel Romero (non-LHS), Julianne Dicrisci (non-LHS) and Laura Neff (left to right)
  • Junior Carson Rodrigues, Zachary O'Keefe (non-LHS), Robert McMillan (non-LHS), junior Daniel Martinez and junior Chris Melleno (left to right)
  • Juniors in front of parents on stage.
  • Juniors Daniel Martinez and Francesca Castagnetti pose for a couple's photo on stage.
  • Junior Maria Gamez, senior Robert Fata, junior Stephanie Cerrito, junior Madison Echols, LHS graduate Richard Dunn and senior Alexis Laino (left to right)
  • Juniors Kayla Rainey, Francesca Castagnetti, Meghan Docherty, Gina Tortorello, Rosie Cooper, JJ Akman, Kylie Cipolla and Alessandra Alberti (left to right)
  • Juniors Victoria Rogan, Devon Kowal (non-LHS), Arianna Cherry, Sarah Rose Sammarone and Mark Schlemm (non-LHS) (left to right)
  • Juniors pose for a selfie.
  • Sophomores Kayla Carrino (right) takes a photo with sophomore Frank D'Amico (left) while he waits to go to prom.
  • Juniors Maria Hantzaras and Claudia Lapinski (left to right)
  • Juniors Ella Tozduman and Mackenzie Gress (left to right)
  • Juniors Lloyd Masika and Feras Ghannoum (left to right)
  • Juniors Courtney Benarick, Alexis O'Rourke, Jaylene Rivera, Kaitlyn Jarvis and Stephanie Mizeski (left to right)
  • Juniors Casey Cirne and Claudia Lapinski (left to right)
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