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Faces in the Crowd: What did RBG mean to you?

Nov. 18, 2020 By Samantha May Staff The loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Sept. 18 at the age of 87,  has impacted both students and teachers at LHS. In this “Faces in the Crowd” feature, The Lighthouse asked students and teachers ... More »


Students keep busy while staying at home

May 31, 2020 By Gianna Alberti Staff Writer The Lighthouse caught up with 10 students to see what they’ve been doing since stay-at-home orders were declared. Senior Jonathon Berko has been lifting weights to get himself prepared for college athletics. He is al... More »


Merriam-Webster selects ‘they’ as Word of the Year

May 27, 2020 By Bassem Yamout Staff Writer This article is part of The Lighthouse’s weeklong “The Power of Language” in-depth reporting series. The word “they” was once known as a plural pronoun, but that is no longer the case.  “They” is now commonly accepted... More »