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HEAD-TO-HEAD: Parents should track their kids’ phones

As a throwback to The Lighthouse’s Head-to-Head column in the print issue, The Lighthouse is featuring its final Head-to-Head of the school year on its website. June 5, 2020 By Kevin Garcia Staff Writer The world can be a dangerous place, and children’s safety... More »


Kevin Durant will shine on the court next season

June 1, 2020 By Robert Bloom Staff Writer Kevin Durant, who has made a name for himself as one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, was born in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 29, 1988. When Durant was a year old, his father Wayne left the household and spen... More »


Gun stores are essential retailers during the pandemic

May 21, 2020 By Jake McCannStaff Writer Governor Phil Murphy closed all non-essential stores in New Jersey on March 21 due to the coronavirus pandemic. While gun stores were not originally considered an essential store, it was added to the list on March 30 aft... More »


The junior experience: life without the SAT and ACT

May 8, 2020 By Sumaia Safi Staff Writer Junior year. They say it is the most stressful year of high school. The year that counts the most. The year that decides the rest of our lives. Nationwide, the one experience most juniors have in common is sitting for th... More »


My dad survived the coronavirus

May 6, 2020 By Angelina DeLuca Staff Writer During the week of March 23, my 59-year-old father Peter DeLuca developed all of the symptoms of a sinus infection, which was the diagnosis his doctor confirmed over the phone. At first, his nose was stuffy, but with... More »