United for life: Siblings describe their special connection

March 28, 2018

By Sebastian Cabrera


National Siblings Day is April 10, but what makes the connection between siblings so special?

Well, most siblings have known each other longer than they have known almost anyone else. They learn from each other, support one another, have an intuitive understanding of the way the other person feels and bring smiles to each other’s faces.

Junior Matthew Martone has a special relationship with his two sisters Sarah and Kayla because they are triplets. For them, the sibling connection has been lifelong.

“My relationship with my siblings is great, even though we are all different people with different personalities. We always have fun and get along. Sometimes we fight, but that’s what siblings do. At the end of the day, we get over it and move on,” Martone said.

He said his bond with his sisters is like no other, explaining that he can always count on them.

“I could never stay mad at them for too long because I love them, and we always have that bond that I feel could never be broken,” Martone said.

Junior Jose Acta also has a strong relationship with his sister Kiara, a sophomore. He said they have fun hanging out because they are always making jokes.

“What I love most is that with her, there is always someone to talk to, and I think that is a very important thing to have with siblings,” Acta said.

Acta said there is not much to dislike about his sister, but she can sometimes be a little annoying. He said their connection is especially strong because they always stick up for one another and have each other’s backs.

“I think our relationship is special because not all siblings get along well, and for us to be able to do that makes it even better,” Acta said.

Sophomore Isaiah DeLaCruz said he and his brother Isaac, a freshman, usually get along. However, once in a while they argue as siblings tend to do.

“He is cool to hang out with at home, and we love to play basketball together,”  DeLaCruz said. “Sometimes he gets on my nerves by randomly walking into my room to annoy me, and he gets away with stuff that I will usually get in trouble for.”

DeLaCruz said he has a strong connection with his brother because they are only one year apart and because they understand each other.

“Our connection is special because we have been able to grow up with a good relationship, and it will only get stronger in the future,” said DeLaCruz.

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