Do-It-Yourself: Make your own ‘Let it Snow’ wreath

Dec. 20, 2018

By Jefferson Lima
Staff Writer

Materials needed: Plaid ribbon, bottle brush trees, wood slice rounds, straight pins, black sharpie marker, scissors, hot glue gun, white yarn, Make It Fun foam wreath.

Step 1: Cut long pieces of plaid ribbon to fully wrap around the foam wreath. Layer the fabric ribbons over the wreath and attach them with straight pins in the back.

Step 2: Cut long pieces of white yarn and cover a third of the wreath. You can attach it with a straight pin or tie the yarn in the back.

Step 3: Write “Let it Snow” on the wood slices with a black sharpie marker, and glue them to the top right.

Step 4: Glue the bottle brush trees to the center of the white yarn. Let the glue dry, and enjoy your festive seasonal decoration!

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