Student Spotlight: Mikayla Poggi

Jan. 4, 2019

By Carina Paserchia
Managing Editor

For the month of January, The Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to junior Mikayla Poggi.

Throughout her years at LHS, Poggi has participated in the band, chorale, Future Business Leaders of America, musical, National Honor Society and varsity cheerleading.

Out of all those activities, Poggi said her favorite has been the musical because she has been involved in musical theater since seventh grade.

“Being with my musical family brings me nothing but laughter and joy, and I am so grateful to be a part of something so amazing,” Poggi said.

Poggi’s busy schedule requires her to have a planner, which she considers her best method of  reducing stress during the busy school year.

“I always make sure to have fun with what I am doing,” Poggi said. “Whether it be homework, studying or my extracurriculars. Like I said before, organization is key.”

Poggi joined the band during her freshman year after band director Mr. Dellosa asked her if there were any instruments she knew how to play. Having moved from Hoboken in third grade, she said she had not played the trumpet in approximately five years, but she picked it back up and joined LHS’ band.

“He told me that he will give me an instrument and that I should join band, and I did. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my high school career,” Poggi said.

Dellosa, who mentors Poggi in the concert, jazz and marching bands, described Poggi as dedicated and responsible.

“Mikayla was a fall varsity cheerleader this past season and still managed to make each and every band rehearsal and perform with the marching band,” Dellosa said.

Junior Hailey Pell, Poggi’s close friend since the start of freshman year, said she has enjoyed Poggi’s vocal performances and described her singing as captivating.

During this year’s marching band halftime show, which was a tribute to Lady Gaga, Poggi performed in the band and delivered a vocal solo to the song, “A Million Reasons.”

Pell said she would describe Poggi as amazing because she is talented, beautiful and kind.

“She truly deserves all the recognition in the world,” Pell said. “Mikayla has impacted my life by always being there for me…. I imagine being lifelong friends.”

Poggi said she lives by the motto, “Do not accept mediocrity,” which she adopted from her mother.

“When I think I have done enough, I do even more. You can always make something better,” Poggi said. “When I look at something I do, I always ask if it’s really done at my full potential, and if it’s not, I make it to 10 times better than before.”

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