Nazli’s Closet: Trendy 90s looks for the winter season

Feb. 1, 2019

By Nazli Tiyaloglu
Managing Editor

The temperature outside might still be cold, but that doesn’t have to stop you from looking hot. Here are some basic 90s-inspired pieces that are sure to keeping you looking on point this season:

Photo by Joana Kapaj

Long cardigan sweater

If you are wondering how to jazz up a t-shirt and jeans, look no further. The long cardigan sweater will transform a simple outfit into a head-turner. Throw on this extra layer, and you will instantly go from basic to adorable. The best part is that the long cardigan sweater comes in many lengths and styles, including fringed, bohemian, knee length and lace.


Photo by Joana Kapaj

Off the shoulder top

This fun and flirty article of clothing is suddenly everywhere. The look has captured the attention of fashionistas everywhere because it adds a bit of flair to the traditional shirt by exposing the shoulders. Whether you wear it loose or tight, you can’t lose with this stylish top.


Photo by Joana Kapaj

One shoulder top

One shoulder tops are eye-catching and edgy. Although the off the shoulder top holds a special place in my heart, the one shoulder top never fails to make a statement.


Photo by Joana Kapaj

Cropped polo

This emerging 90s trend, which has been sported by style icons including Emma Chamberlain, has not failed us. Although it seems like a typical shirt at first, the cropped polo is unique because it has been inspired by the surf skater 90s grunge culture. To pull off this polo, aim for a boxy and oversized, cropped fit.


Photo by Joana Kapaj

Cargo pants

Nothing looks cuter than pairing a tight, fitted top with loose cargo pants. For both men and women, appropriately accessorized cargo pants can be worn not just in casual situations but also for going out.


Photo by Joana Kapaj


Vans are a great way to enhance your grunge look. Founded in 1966, Vans has a history of being popular with alternative and rock bands. Most recently, black and white checkered classic slip-ons and “Old Skool” Vans have become popular among teens yearning for the good ol’ punk fashion days.


Photo by Joana Kapaj

Thick sole sneaker
Who would have thought that thick sole sneakers would make a comeback? Recently, everyone has been rocking these kicks, and Fila is leading the way. The 90s inspired shoes are available at many price points and are sold by a variety of brands and retailers, with Target at the low end, Nike in the middle and Burberry at the high end.


Photo by Joana Kapaj

Chunky ankle boots

Chunky ankle boots adds style and height to any outfit. My personal favorite look is to pair chunky ankle boots with a long-sleeved top, skirt and tights. Wear a long cardigan over it, and you’ll be looking stylish while achieving warmth.

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