Student Spotlight: Kara Mueller

Feb. 4, 2019

By Somaia Hassan

For the month of February, The Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to senior Kara Mueller.

With a smile on her face, Mueller takes to LHS’ stage one last time in her role as the Guard of Oz in the musical “The Wizard of Oz,” which will take place on Feb. 14, 15 and 16.

Mueller has been performing in theatrical productions since she was in third grade, but she said her favorite show was a recent one.

“Being in ‘High School Musical’ my junior year was definitely one of my greatest experiences. It was such a successful show, and I was able to be in it with some of the people who are closest to me,” Mueller said.

In addition to being part of the musical’s cast, Mueller participates in the annual school play, choir and chorale.

Mueller—along with seniors Gabrielle Sammarone and Alyssa Ventimiglia—is a member of the All State Chorus, Bergen County Honors Chorus and the Region Chorus.

Mueller’s talents extend far past the arts. This year, she is enrolled in Advanced Placement Calculus, Literature, Psychology and Statistics. She said she makes an effort to prioritize school work ahead of her extracurricular involvements.

Mueller said she has enjoyed her time as an LHS student.

“I met a lot of new people and have made memories that will last forever. I am glad that LHS is where I went because I can’t imagine my life without my experience here,” Mueller said.

Looking towards her future, Mueller hopes to earn an undergraduate degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania or Syracuse University in New York. Then, she said she would like to go to graduate school to gain the credentials to become a high school psychologist or a human development advisor.

“Although I am not majoring in music, I am going to get as involved in music as I can in my future by participating in clubs or other activities centered around singing,” Mueller said.

Junior Hailey Spahiu, who has known Mueller since fifth grade, said she believes Mueller has a bright future.

“In five years, I definitely see Kara excelling at whatever she does. Whether working or singing, she definitely has a strong work ethic and talent,” Spahiu said.

She said hearing Mueller sing brings her joy.

“I think it is one of the best voices I’ve heard [in] my whole life,” Spahiu said.

District choir and chorale director Ms. Wise said she has known Mueller for seven years and has been happy to get the chance to watch her grow as an artist.

Wise said Mueller has many positive qualities, which include her intelligence, talent and maturity.

“Kara is humble. You wouldn’t know how wonderful she is until you get to know her,” Wise said. “Whatever she chooses to do, I see her very happy.”

Wise said she will miss Mueller next year.

“I wish they could make a 100 more of her, for all kinds of reasons,” said Wise.

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