Do-It-Yourself: “LUCKY” key rack

March 5, 2019

By Jefferson Lima
Staff Writer

Materials: Paintbrush, super glue, green paint, five screws, 55 pennies, 27 x 5½ inch wood piece, Command Mounting Strips


Step 1: Paint the wood board green with two coats of paint.


Step 2: Use the 55 pennies to spell out the word “Lucky.” Make sure to spread the letters out the letters evenly.


Step 3: Apply the super glue to the back of each penny to secure it to the wood board.


Step 4: Add one screw under each letter. These screws will act as hooks.


Step 5 (Optional): Add Command Mounting Strips to the back of the wood board to mount your DIY project to the wall.


Have fun with the DIY Saint Patrick’s Day key holder!

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