Student Spotlight: Emily Gabriel

March 12, 2019

By Carina Paserchia
Managing Editor

For the month of March, The Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to sophomore Emily Gabriel. In addition to being enrolled in four honors classes and Advanced Placement World History, Gabriel is highly involved in extracurricular life at the high school. She is a member of six clubs, plays three sports, serves as vice president of the sophomore class and won first place in the most recent poetry slam.

Gabriel said she is part of so many activities because she does not like having down time.

“I’m not someone who likes to sit around doing nothing,” Gabriel said. “I like to be kept busy, and these activities keep me very busy…. I’m very happy with all of the activities I do because they’re all fun.”

Despite a packed schedule, Gabriel said she makes it a priority to set aside time for homework. She said devoting time outside of school for academics became especially important last year after she realized how much studying was required to be successful in Dr. Dunn’s biology honors class.

“[Dunn’s] class was hard, but I think the reason for it was to challenge us and our abilities to comprehend things,” Gabriel said. “[High school] is a lot of work, time and dedication, and you may not always understand things. And you’ll have difficulties, but it’s all to help you in the outside world.”

This year, Gabriel added an additional item to her long list of accomplishments. In November, she learned that she is the recipient of the prestigious Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership award, which is given to one LHS sophomore each year based on the submission of a one-page essay.

HOBY, which was founded in 1958, provides students with leadership training and service learning opportunities. As a HOBY award recipient, Gabriel will be attending a three-day conference in June. The conference will be attended by over 300 students from across the state.

Junior Laura Abreu, who became friends with Gabriel last year when they ran cross country together, said she respects Gabriel for always pushing herself to her limits.

“Being one of her closest friends, I wasn’t surprised that she won,” Abreu said. “I think very highly of her, and I didn’t expect anything less.”

Abreu said Gabriel’s strong character makes her someone whom everybody can respect.

“One word to describe Emily would be loyal,” Abreu said. “In today’s society, that is very rare, so it holds true meaning.”

Sophomore Allison McKerry said Gabriel immediately stood out to her as being a special person, and they quickly became friends when they were students at Roosevelt School.

“Her kindness to those around her and the way she carried herself even at a young age was always something I looked up to and aspired to have and be,” McKerry said.

She said she would describe Gabriel as dedicated because she finishes the tasks she starts.

“Emily’s determination to excel in anything she does is one of the things I love about her,” McKerry said. “She always aspires to be the best she can be, and through all her hard work and determination, she achieves whatever she sets her mind to.”

Like Abreu, McKerry said she was not surprised Gabriel was selected to be LHS’ representative at HOBY. McKerry said she has never met someone who inspires more people than Gabriel does.

“Emily is one of the most well-rounded and amazing girls I have ever met,” McKerry said. “Emily is my best friend, and I will support her in anything she does.”

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