Nazli’s Closet: Ten trends to make your style bloom this spring

April 1, 2019

By Nazli Tiyaloglu
Managing Editor

Sunshine is the best medicine! After a long winter season, people are in a hurry to rock their spring styles. Here are ten must-have clothing items and accessories that will help you make a fashion statement this season:

Button up dress
It is difficult not to spot this cute trend at local retail stores. Who would have thought the 1990s trend of button up dresses would have ever made a comeback? A teen must-have, this piece will keep you looking both professional and cute. Do not hesitate to rock this look for class or on a date. My personal favorite way of styling the button up dress is by pairing it with a long cardigan and chunky boots.


Bike shorts
Celebrities like supermodel Bella Hadid as well as the iconic Kardashian family helped to draw attention to this trend. Comfy and appropriate, bike shorts are perfect for looking cute while working out. This athleisure piece may be paired with a graphic tee or heels to rock that athletic babe look.



Ruched top
This brand new trend is unique and simple to style, and the best part is that most female high school and college students already own a ruched top. The ripple effect became popular thanks to high end fashion designers including Donatella Versace and Christophe Lemaire. The crinkled look helps emphasize and complement the silhouette of the individual who is wearing it. What a fun spin on body-con clothing! Pair a ruched top with a simple denim skirt and high heels to be both casual and eye-catching.


Fanny pack
True, fanny packs used to be an item your mother or aunt would wear on her speed-walking sessions at the park. However, it has been totally revamped by luxury fashion brands including the iconic Louis Vuitton. This functional fad from the 1980s has become the fastest growing trend of 2019. Popularized by celebrities including supermodel Kendall Jenner and singer Rihanna, the fanny pack can be worn around the hips or across the shoulder.


Neon colors
The neon trend has become popular on the catwalks of London, Milan and New York. Another trend made famous by the iconic Kardashian family, this fashion statement is definitely the must-try look of the spring season. Plus, the bright colors will make you instantly noticed in any room you walk into.



Square neckline
V-neck who? Most closets contain the simple round, boat or v-neck. However, square necklines are all the rage now. It may be a small detail to some, but it adds flair and uniqueness to even the simplest top. This 1960s trend has returned, and it’s better than ever.



There are countless ways to be pretty in plaid. You can pair a plaid skirt with a black top and black high heels. If you are feeling a little artsy, add sunglasses and a beret as accessories. This cute trend is also a throwback to the 1960s, but it can be styled to have a modern twist.



Cat eye sunglasses
This craze is all over the runway and the streets. Unlike typical sunglasses, the cat eye sunglasses are sure to make you the most trendy person in the room. Vintage and chic, the best part about this accessory is that it flatters all face shapes and sizes.



Transparent handbag
Some see this trend as a form of oversharing, but fashion icons view it as fun and personal. This accessory has stuck around for a reason, as it is both retro and current. A transparent handbag will always prove useful and, best of all, it will match almost any outfit.

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