Start 2020 off with good vibes

Dec. 26, 2019

By Emily Gabriel
Staff Writer

With 2020 right around the corner, students are looking for ways to make the new year count. Here are 12 tips for teenagers to bring nothing but positive vibes to the upcoming year:

1. Set a goal. A new year calls for a new gain, so set a goal. Try something you have always wanted to achieve, and make it your objective to complete it. This will allow you to head into the new year with some motivation. 

2. Cut off toxic people. High school is a time when you find out who your friends really are based on their actions and words. If you feel someone is being fake, then cut that person off. You are not a second choice or an inconvenience to anyone, so drop whomever thinks otherwise. By doing this, you will be so much happier and worry-free in the new year.

3. Take a risk. The new year brings new choices, good and bad. Everyone has something they have always wanted to do but are too scared of what the outcome will be. However, this year will be different for you. Take that leap of faith and know everything will work out in the end.

4. Learn to love yourself. Gen Z is so focused on being in relationships and finding love that they forget about themselves. When things do not work out with a significant other, you will be all alone. That is why you have to love yourself before you let someone in. 

5. Take on a new mindset: If it won’t matter in five years, don’t let it affect you now. No doubt, problems will arise in the new year, but do not let it get to you. If it will not be relevant years from now, then do not allow it to bother you. Having this mindset in 2020 will allow you to focus on the things that are actually important.

6. Improve your grades. The new year means a new chance to improve. If you feel your grades are not the best, do not worry. You have six months to get back on track before school ends. Just believe in yourself, and make it your goal to work hard to bring up those grades.

7. Break a bad habit. Everyone has a bad habit, whether or not they admit it. This year, make it a priority to break that habit and learn self-control. 

8. Have a positive outlook. The new year depends on how you view it. Go into 2020 feeling optimistic. Try not to pay attention to the bad, and you will see that your happiness will reflect on other people.

9. Focus on only you. People tend to care about what other people think while always judging others to make themselves feel better. However, this year do not let any negativity affect you. Focus on yourself and do not worry about what anyone else does or says.

10. Quit procrastinating. High schoolers love to do anything but homework, and then they struggle to do it last minute. This year, try to end this procrastination and complete assignments the day they are given. This will lead you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

11. Prioritize breakfast. Many high schoolers tend to skip breakfast because they don’t have enough time to eat in the mornings. However, breakfast is what gives your body the energy it needs to focus. This year, do whatever it takes to eat a meal before school, even if it is only a granola bar. By doing so, you will see an improvement in your mood and energy throughout the day.

12. Take time for self-care. High school is a busy time filled with homework, sports and extracurriculars. With so much to do, teenagers forget to take a break from reality. This year, make sure to relax and be kind to yourself. Remember that it is okay to take breaks and have an off day to reset your body.

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