Julia’s Closet: Ramp up your style with a pop of color

PHOTOS FROM JULIA GLOWACKI Colorful striped tops are perfect for casual days outdoors.

June 6, 2020

By Julia Glowacki
Staff Writer

Right now, it’s all about the pop! Not the pop of a balloon or soda pop, but the pop of color that can easily be added to any outfit.

Whether you plan on spending your summer laying out on the beach, going for a hike or lounging in your backyard, adding a pop of color will enable you to take your leisurewear to the next level.

Slip-on sandals with colorful floral details are the comfiest way to enhance your look. I like pairing these sandals with a black sleeveless bandeau romper and sunglasses because this combination conveys style and maturity.

I wore this outfit for my sibling’s graduation, and everybody was instantly drawn to my shoes, stopping me and asking where I had purchased them.

Neon baseball caps are by far the cutest addition to any outfit. Last summer, I noticed a lot of fitness influencers wearing black Nike caps. While these are nice, they’re too basic and mainstream for my taste. This eye-catching accessory is perfect for a sunny day and pairs well with a black tank top, jean shorts and white Vans.

Colorful striped tops are a must-have. Bold patterns and knotted tops have been all the rage on clothing websites, and I’m totally in on the trend. A bold shirt with basic colored jean shorts and white netted Adidas sneakers is my all-time favorite summer outfit because the pop of color from the shirt is unlike any other.

Windbreaker jackets in colorful hues take up a hefty amount of space in my closet. Whenever I’m wearing an outfit that I think could use a little boost, my pink jacket is my go-to. Throw the jacket over a black tube top, athletic shorts and sandals that match the color of the jacket.

Although adding a pop of color can seem intimidating at first, it’s worth a try, as it can immediately transform any outfit from drab to fab. So, the next time you’re putting together an outfit, step out of your comfort zone, add a pop of color and notice how awesome you’ll be looking and feeling.

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