Steph Curry claims his spot in NBA history

Jan. 18, 2022

By Jolie Paz-Garcia
Staff Writer

Steph Curry made history on Dec. 14, setting the all-time 3-point record of 2,977, surpassing Ray Allen’s record of 2,974. The Golden State Warrior did it in 789 games, which is 511 games fewer than Allen. 

It is not surprising that Curry broke this record. Curry is probably the best shooter in the National Basketball Association and is always pushing to be even better. Curry said he never called himself the greatest shooter until he broke this record, making it a huge accomplishment. 

As Curry made his record-breaking shot, he said he saw his father on the side and his teammates celebrating, which made the moment even more special. 

Curry puts in so much effort, and it shows in his performance on the court.

Curry was born into basketball, as his dad, Dell Curry, was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers when he was born. Dell went on to play for the Charlotte Hornets, and Curry’s family moved with him, so Curry spent most of his childhood in North Carolina. Curry attended high school at Charlotte Christian High School and later attended Davidson College.

Curry, who is 6’2, did not receive many college offers, as he was a short point guard. He said knowing he only had a couple of offers encouraged him to work harder and strengthen his game. He eventually got five offers and chose Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.

Curry led his team to the Elite Eight in 2008, his sophomore year, and in 2009, he earned first-team All-American as a junior. In 2009, he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors as the seventh overall pick in the NBA.

Curry puts in so much effort, and it shows in his performance on the court. So many of his shots are impressive, and he brings a lot of excitement to the game. 

The Warriors ended the amazing night with a victory over the New York Knicks with a score of 105-96.

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