Caila’s Closet: It’s all about the accessories

Feb. 1, 2022

By Caila Barreiros
Staff Writer

Italian fashion editor Anna Dello Russo once said, “Accessories are like vitamins for fashion.” I couldn’t agree more. Here are my five favorite accessories to kick off this month with style and grace.

Blanket scarves

What is better than being warm and stylish at the same time? Nothing. This accessory was popularized in 2013 when Zara started selling plaid blanket scarves. Since then, they have been part of my wardrobe, and now they are resurgencing in popularity. It’s not hard to see why. They’re ultra versatile and super comfy. Style them by tying and twisting them to create an infinity scarf, or drape them around your shoulders on a chilly day. 

Bubble rings

‘90s fashionistas, don’t let go of your old bubble rings just yet! Bubble rings, which often include stones with astrological significance, are back. They’re a tricky accessory to pair with an outfit because they can appear childish if not matched correctly. However, with the right outfit, this fun and affordable statement accessory can be a showstopper that brings all attention to the hands they’re on.

Chunky combat boots

I love a good pair of boots just as much as the next girl, and this trend has totally taken over my winter wardrobe. Lately, I’ve been wearing chunky combat boots every chance I get. Whether they are flat booties or have thick heels, they look great with all outfits and are the perfect way to add a flirty flair to a simple outfit.

Knot headbands

Feminine and fabulous, knot headbands have taken the fashion world by storm. They have been a go to accessory for many women because they add a sense of professionalism and polish to one’s appearance. For a seasonal look, wear a velvet headband, and for a special occasion, select a headband with pearls or other embellishments. 

Retro shades

Thin, rectangular sunglasses, also known as retro shades, were a statement piece over the summer, but there is no reason not to wear them this winter. They are simple, but the unique shape adds a mysterious vibe to an outfit. They also match perfectly with anything, which is why I call them a “gateway accessory.” They are perfect for someone who usually doesn’t accessorize or is looking to step out of their fashion comfort zone. They are not super big or dramatic, which makes them a perfect starter accessory.

Add these accessories to any outfit, and you’ll be sure to have a head-turning, fresh look to flaunt during the month of February.


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