Caila’s Closet: Step into spring with new shoe styles

April 9, 2022

By Caila Barreiros
Staff Writer

The start of spring and the trend of warmer weather means it’s time to put away those UGG slippers and fuzzy socks and bring out your open-toe sandals and lightweight sneakers. Here are my four favorite shoes for the months ahead:

Backless low heels

The first time I saw these statement shoes was in a Zara advertisement, and I was immediately attracted to them. When properly styled, they can completely change an outfit’s aesthetic. I purchased a pair of backless low heels to pair with an ankle-length pink skirt and a black crop top, both from Zara, and now I have started wearing them with other outfits. The low heel is very comfortable, which makes these stylish shoes even more amazing.


As a New Jersey resident, I know better than to pack up my boots at the first hint of warm weather. Even in springtime, I keep my black booties on hand. They are a lifesaver on a cold or even windy day when sneakers are too casual of an option. Since they go with a dress, jeans or a romper, they are a must-have.

High-top sneakers

Spring is all about colors. Therefore, make a brightly colored pair of Converse sneakers part of your wardrobe. Converse are made of canvas, so they are lightweight and will keep your feet feeling cool. I have them in a variety of colors, but my favorite has to be my teal or purple high-top sneakers. Cute and comfortable, Converse are a great way to complete any outfit. I usually pair mine with jeans and a neutral, solid colored shirt so the shoes are really the highlight of the outfit.

Open-toe sandals

Springtime is when I start making the transition to open-toe shoes. I trade in my fur boots for flip-flops, and I take out my beloved open-toe sandals. They instantly make any outfit look put-together and grown-up. If you already have sandals and you’re tired of them, you can try a wedge. They are way more comfortable to wear than heels but more fancy and professional than sandals. 

I don’t think I’d be able to make it through spring without these shoes, and once you give them a try, you’ll fall in love with them too. Spring is just beginning, so invest in a pair of stylish footwear, and make the most of this spectacular season.

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