Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the best zombie game release of the year

April 9, 2022

By Lakai Null
Staff Writer

If zombie games are your preference, don’t miss out on Dying Light 2: Stay Human.  

Released on Feb. 4, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available for $59.99, with the deluxe edition going for $79,99 and the ultimate edition costing $99.99. The normal edition is just the game. The deluxe edition comes with future digital items, DLC content, legendary items, wallpapers and weapon charms. The ultimate edition comes with the deluxe edition, DLC content, double XP night boost, more digital items, more wallpapers and some crafting items.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human takes place 22 years after the first Dying Light. In the game, you play as a brave man named Aiden Caldwell who is trying to find his sister Mia. The main antagonist of the game is Waltz, who used to be a wicked scientist. 

In the game, you travel all around the map killing zombies and enemy humans, looting and doing parkour. Parkour is rapidly jumping or climbing through or on objects. You do parkour in this game in an evasive manner or even to get to certain places where there are very good items. Parkour feels very fun in this game and is easy to take up as well. 

In-game, the only weapons you can use are melee weapons. For example, you can use a baseball bat, an ax or even a mace. This leads to all combat being very up close and personal, meaning you have to be quick with your reactions in order to survive.

Dying Light 2 has multiple endings, so players will get different playthroughs, creating a high chance of replayability.

Using the melee weapons does get repetitive because there’s only one attack style, but it is good due to the number of melee weapons there are. 

Dying Light 2 has multiple endings, so players will get different playthroughs, creating a high chance of replayability. There are five endings in the game, so there’s a chance that the players will finish the game five times. These endings rely on the choices you make while in your playthrough. 

In my opinion, this game is great. It has held my attention for hours and became even more fun as I tried to get the other endings. 

I would give the game an 8.5/10. The only downside is the repetitiveness of only using melee weapons instead of guns. It’s repetitive because there is not much variety because they are all melee, and personally, I would love to get some long-range weapons like a sniper rifle. 

Some other minor problems include lag and audio issues, which I run into occasionally, but otherwise, it is great. 

For those who like alternate endings, parkour and zombies, be sure to check out Dying Light 2: Stay Human. You won’t regret it.

  • This is the city where the game takes place.
  • I am hitting a person with a melee weapon in a random room.
  • I am doing parkour to move around the obstacles.
  • The zombie is in the middle of making his call.


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