Skip the ice cream, but give Trina’s Treats a try

April 29, 2022

By Ely Baeza
Staff Writer

With a pastel pink and white color scheme, Trina’s Treats is a nicely decorated dessert, sweets and ice cream shop located on 296B Stuyvesant Ave.

Trina’s Treats is separated into two areas, one that functions as an ice cream parlor and the other as a sweets shop. The ice cream parlor, which opened in February, has a lot of open space and two tables, while the dessert and sweets section is a little cramped. 

During my visit to Trina’s Treats, I purchased chocolate lava cake with two scoops of ice cream ($9), a cake pop ($3.50) and a chocolate-covered apple ($6).

The chocolate lava cake was spongy but did not taste like chocolate and was unlike actual chocolate lava cake because there was no chocolaty center. Instead, it had chocolate icing and was topped with powdered sugar. The cake was warm, and I like the fact that it came with two scoops of ice cream. 

The caramel apple, which was a fresh Granny Smith apple covered in chocolate and caramel, was delicious.

The fact that customers can choose what flavors of ice cream they want with their lava cake is fantastic because, even though lava cake with vanilla ice cream is iconic, it can get boring.

The first flavor of ice cream I selected was cookie monster, which is cookies and cream ice cream mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and blue food coloring. The ice cream was more of a cyan color than the classic cookie monster dark blue. There were also no cookies and cream chunks and hardly any cookie dough chunks, which was disappointing. The cookie monster ice cream was still good but could barely pass as actual cookie monster ice cream. It was more like a cookie monster’s half-cousin.

The second ice cream flavor I selected was vanilla, which tasted a little like glue because it had a funny texture. It did not taste at all like vanilla, and it contained no bits of vanilla beans. Vanilla ice cream isn’t required to have actual pieces of vanilla in it, but, in my opinion, that makes it way better.

The cake pop had a cute design because it was in the shape of an ice cream cone, but the cake pop itself tasted like the chocolate lava cake, and most of the flavoring came from the icing. The cone just tasted like a sugar cone for ice cream. Unfortunately, it was clear the creator valued design over flavor.

The caramel apple, which was a fresh Granny Smith apple covered in chocolate and caramel, was delicious. It contained a layer of caramel underneath the chocolate with sprinkles, which I thought was genius. This item was amazing, and I will definitely be coming back for more of them.

Trina’s Treats is worth a visit, but I recommend skipping the ice cream. The sweets are beautifully designed, the decorations are perfect for spring, the vibe is upbeat and the entire place is super clean. Therefore, don’t miss out on this lovely local spot.

  • Caramel and chocolate-covered apple ($6) at Trina's Treats
  • Cake pop ($3.50) at Trina's Treats
  • The chocolate lava cake at Trina's Treats
  • A scoop of cookie monster ice cream at Trina's Ice Cream Parlor
  • A display featuring chocolate covered candies
  • A table inside Trina's Treats


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