Yeat’s ‘2 Alive’ has its moments, but in general, it’s underwhelming

May 13, 2022

By Gabe Gomez
Staff Writer

Rising artist Yeat released a new album titled “2 Alive” on Feb. 18, with the deluxe version released on April. 1. Rap fans were definitely excited about this project, but unfortunately, it falls short. With the loud bass of Yeat’s songs, it has redeeming qualities but is generally unimpressive. 

Yeat is a hip-hop artist who has just recently begun blowing up on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify as well as social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

The original “2 Alive” includes 20 tracks, which adds up to exactly 1 hour, 2 minutes of music. The deluxe version titled “2 Alive (Geek Pack)”  is 1 hour, 28 minutes in length.

This album contains features by artists Gunna, Ken Car$on, SeptembersRich, Young Thug and Yung Kayo. Additionally, the deluxe version includes features by Lancey Foux and Lil Uzi Vert. 

Overall, this album falls short because it only has a few songs that are worthy of being added to a playlist.

The best song on the album is “New Turban,” which I like because of the amount of bass in the beat. The beat is very lively, and it definitely brings a ton of energy to listeners. The lyrics to this song are catchy, so it is easy to hum along to the song. Among the most important lyrics are, “Money as tall as the ceiling, huh / I bought a crib and the bank, yeah.” The rest of the lyrics in the song relate to these lines, as the song essentially addresses the young artist’s success in the music industry.

Another outstanding track is “Big Tonka,” which features Lil Uzi Vert. Although the song primarily consists of Yeat’s rapping, Lil Uzi’s part contributes to its quality. This song, like most of Yeat’s music, has a lot of bass and a strong beat. The lyrics are catchy as well, with Yeat rapping, “She hop in that Tonka then head to the bank / finna pull out all the cash I got (a lot).” By talking about his earnings, Yeat reveals how much success he has had in the music industry. 

A track that I did not enjoy was “Poppin,” which does not include a feature. The beat was good, but the lyrics are weak. For instance, in the beginning of the song, Yeat raps, “We been outside, man, all day / We just countin’ racks, all day, don’t play (huh, huh, huh).” These lyrics are problematic because they make Yeat sound like he doesn’t really care about his surroundings.

Overall, this album falls short because it only has a few songs that are worthy of being added to a playlist. Hip-hop fans are unlikely to be impressed by this album, and they’ll quickly forget about it. Yeat has a lot of potential, but “2 Alive” is overall a letdown.

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