Caila’s Closet: Pack in style this season and prepare yourself for vacation

May 24, 2022

By Caila Barreiros
Staff Writer

What is the hardest part of a vacation? Is it the travel, or maybe the planning process? For me, it used to be the packing.

Once upon a time, I was the person taking things out of her suitcase in the middle of the airport because my bag was too heavy. Now I have my packing down to a science, and here is how I do it: 

First, I always start off with a plan and think about how many days I am packing for. This helps because I select my outfits accordingly. 

I always start with the essentials and consider which garments I could rewear by mixing and matching them with different pieces, styling them creatively and washing them during the trip. 

Next, I take into account where I will be going, what I will be doing and the climate. That way, I know to pack clothes that will keep me feeling comfortable and protected from the elements.

Pack a spare outfit and all undergarments in your carry-on bag.

If I am visiting a warmer location, I have learned to pack fewer and lighter clothes. I avoid packing more than two pairs of jeans because they are heavy and take up a lot of space. 

Sundresses are a must because they are lightweight, easy to pack and are appropriate for almost any event.

A sweatshirt is another go-to article of clothing. Consider wearing it on the airplane because that will save you valuable space in your suitcase. In my experience, airplanes are always cold so having that sweatshirt will be a lifesaver. 

Pack only neutral-colored shoes like blacks, whites or nudes. That way, they can match any outfit. Steer clear of bright or uncommon colors in shoes as well as outfits to make matching them as simple as possible. 

The majority of suitcases have two parts: the bottom one, which is deep, and the top, which has built-in netting. Consider storing your shoes in the netting because that will keep the rest of your clothes clean and save space. 

Finally, everyone has heard the horror stories of lost luggage. Pack a spare outfit and all undergarments in your carry-on bag. This is just a precaution, but you are likely to have some extra space in your carry-on, and this is a good way to fill it. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and try to stay stress-free. Chances are, wherever you are traveling, there will be retail stores, so if you forget something, you have a great excuse to go shopping.

With that, I close my column for the year. I look forward to resuming “Caila’s Closet” in the fall. Until then, have fun, and, of course, stay stylish!


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