As summer break nears, students share their dream vacation spots

June 8, 2022

By Gabby Liuba
Staff Writer

Andres Cano, freshman

“I really want to go to Columbia because I want to see what it’s like because it’s where my family was born.”

Samantha Cardo, sophomore

“I want to visit Puerto Rico because there’s a bioluminescent ocean that makes it different than other places.”

Devin Duiguid, junior

“I want to go to Jamaica since I’ve got family down there, and I want to visit them.” 

Maria Gamez, senior

“I want to go to the Bahamas because it’s sunny and warm with a lot of beaches.”

Isabella Guzman, sophomore 

“I want to go to Greece because the architecture is really pretty, and I love all the Greek history.”

Bryan Intindola, sophomore 

“I would like to go to Japan because it’s pretty cool and a lot of technology is there.”

Cece Reina, junior

“I would like to travel to Paris since I love the atmosphere in Europe. I just want to experience the whole entire place.”

Julia Sales, sophomore 

“I want to go to the Maldives because I like the beach, and it’s really pretty water.”


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