Senior Tributes

Alexa Espinoza, managing editor

June 15, 2022

“Good morning, Lyndhurst High School!” 

During mornings when I wasn’t running late or struggling to find parking, I found myself in the main office reading the morning announcements. I’m so glad I took on this job, as it was one of the most enjoyable activities of my high school career. 

I never had trouble with public speaking, so I looked for activities that allowed me to showcase that. This played out with the morning announcements, my leadership positions in clubs and being an active participant in class discussions. 

Since I am a super social person, being at home and away from my friends was a struggle. My school friends had been the main motivator for my involvement in my classes and school activities. 

For this reason, when I returned to in-person learning at the start of this school year, I worked especially hard to make new friends and get out of my comfort zone. This required me to get involved by attending school events, and I have no regrets about that. 

My school friends had been the main motivator for my involvement in my classes and school activities.

My main advice to the underclassmen is to find activities and interests that inspire and motivate you. 

I have noticed that a lot of my classmates spent their high school years drowning themselves in schoolwork and cramming for exams, so they forgot to join clubs and create connections with friends and teachers. I urge all students to make time for extracurricular opportunities and relationships, as they are tremendously enriching. 

The summer before my junior year, I got my first job. Working while in high school is something I definitely recommend. It has given me the chance to financially contribute to getting a car and allowed me to make the purchases that were important to me. I found it liberating to buy whatever I wanted, and that boosted my confidence. 

During high school, I have proven to myself that I can juggle a lot of responsibilities. I like challenging myself because I have found no greater satisfaction than completing a task I consider difficult or something someone told me I couldn’t do. 

Overall, I enjoyed these past four years, even the times when I was at my desk studying from home. I learned a lot about myself and matured into adulthood. 

In the upcoming year, I hope to continue that growth as a member of Montclair State University’s Honors Program. There, I will be studying psychology and pursuing a joint bachelor’s and master’s degree. 

“And that’s all I have for you today, Lyndhurst High School.” 

I hope you enjoyed my senior tribute. “Peace.”

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