Senior Tributes

Madison Echols, staff writer

June 15, 2022

It is hard for me to believe I am about to graduate high school. Mostly because of the pandemic, it seems like I jumped from my sophomore to senior year. Yet here I am, writing my final article for The Lighthouse and dedicating it to those who have made a significant impact on my life during the past four years. 

I will begin with Ms. Pastor. You are one of the best English teachers I have ever had. In both English II-Honors and journalism, you guided me on my path to becoming a better writer. However, what I love most about you is the time you invest in each of your students. You never leave anyone out, and you assist every student with their struggles. Your dedication is outstanding, and I am so glad my younger sister Camille will have you as her journalism teacher for the rest of her high school career. 

To my Animal Welfare Club advisors Mr. Carucci and Ms. Rendzia, thank you for putting up with me these past four years. I could not have asked for better mentors. During my four years as a club official, you have pushed me to be the fierce leader I am, and you encourage so many students to be forces of positive change. The effort you put into the club is amazing, and I cannot wait to see what the club members accomplish moving forward. 

I will never forget our times together, which were filled with meaningful conversations and thoughtful feedback.

And, of course, I will think fondly about my visits to their homeroom during my sophomore year. Likewise, I will miss observing Mr. Carucci’s cat impressions. 

I want to thank Virtual High School coordinator Mrs. DeForge and Mrs. Falco, who was my Psychology in Literature teacher and Peer Group Connection advisor. You both generate positivity with your tender and thoughtful natures. I have so much admiration for each of you, and I am very thankful for all you have taught me. 

Finally, thank you to Ms. Klein, LHS’ Staff Developer of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology. At the start of the pandemic, you created a student writing group that met online. When we returned to school in person, the group flourished with weekly meetings in the media center. I will never forget our times together, which were filled with meaningful conversations and thoughtful feedback. I will miss you, and I know you will continue to make a positive impact on others’ lives, just as you did on mine. 

Although I will no longer be an LHS student, the valuable lessons I have learned will stick with me forever. I will hold my memories of this high school close in my heart, and no matter where the future takes me, I hope to make my former teachers proud.

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