Caila’s Closet: Fashion inspired by my most loved shows

Nov. 15, 2022

By Caila Barreiros
Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, the main thing you notice in the shows you watch is the outfits you love. Whether it’s a show that takes place in the 1950s or a show that premiered yesterday, there’s something about the characters’ styles that always grabs my attention. So, I decided to start off this year’s column with a compilation of my favorite outfits that have appeared in the shows I watch.

To start off this list, I chose my favorite look from the mystery series “Stranger Things.” Now, I know the show came out in 2016, but it’s set in the 1980s. It has some great timepieces when it comes to fashion. However, the main character Eleven spends the majority of Season 1 in a hospital gown, so I chose a more recent look. You can clearly tell it’s not exactly what anyone would wear nowadays, but it has awesome fun colors–especially on the plain black undershirt–that make it pop. It kind of reminds me of the carpeting in old roller rinks. The neon colors and length of the shorts scream ‘80s. Of course, Eleven paired it with a scrunchie and white Nike sneakers.

Next up are the outfits of Rachel Green in the sitcom “Friends.” The show got its start in 1994 and is still celebrated for its fashions. Deciding what outfit to focus on was especially difficult for this show because I love Rachel’s style. I don’t think there are any outfits of hers other than her wedding dress from the first episode that I didn’t like. It’s great to see how Rachel evolves as an independent woman and how her style changes to reflect that over the course of the show’s 10 seasons. For this article, I decided to replicate her iconic white USA long-sleeve shirt and adorable high-waisted black pants. I love how she pairs it with black stockings and knee-high black boots. It gives the outfit an element of warmth even though she’s not dressed for winter. 

Then there is the drama series “Gilmore Girls,” which was released in 2000. The outfit I chose is worn by the main character Rory Gilmore. Lorelai “Rory” can best be described as brilliant, quiet and full of energy. This is why I think her style speaks more to the time period than her personality. The outfit I chose has muted tones and is very conservative. I like the pop of mint green that is added to what could’ve been a very bland outfit. 

In 2009, the story of hometown girl Elena Gilbert hit the screen in the mystery series “The Vampire Diaries.” In my opinion, there were definitely some clear honorable mentions when it comes to “Vampire Diaries.” Like Elena’s iconic Miss Mystic Falls gown in Season 1 or Caroline Forbes’ dress that she wore to the Mikaelson Ball in Season 3. However, I had to go with Elena’s classic red shirt and jeans. She wears a variation of this outfit at least four times throughout the series, and… yes, I am also wearing the famous Elena necklace that is mentioned in just about every season. Is it practical? No. Was it necessary to complete the look? Absolutely!

And who could forget the mystery series “Pretty Little Liars”? I have to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of 2010 trends because the colors and patterns tend to be too aggressive and bold, so finding an outfit I wanted to recreate proved to be a bit of a challenge. The outfit I chose is worn by the main character Aria Montgomery. I chose this outfit because it didn’t really scream 2010 like most of the others did. I also question why there’s a “P” on the shirt, but I think it matches the skirt and jacket really well. Aria is very put together in her style, as she utilizes blacks and whites to her advantage, and I really enjoyed that amongst all the 2010 zigzag patterns and teal.

Last but absolutely not least is the drama series “Outer Banks,” which was released in 2020. Some may say that “Outer Banks” created its own trends. It was all about the shell necklaces and fresh-from-the-beach look. I am 100% guilty of emulating these styles, as I spent my summer wearing oversized t-shirts and denim shorts. It was specifically hard choosing a look from this show because the characters are from such different lifestyles. I love Kiara Carrera’s thick headband and wrist full of bracelets, but for this article, I decided to go with Sarah Cameron’s day-on-the-boat outfit. I love the way Sarah has the light colors of the white jeans and yellow shirt to complement her sunkissed appearance. 

Based on how much influence pop culture has on fashion trends, shows are a great place to look for inspiration. 

There are so many amazing show styles that have been coming out recently. What new shows do you think will leave a lasting impact on fashion and trends? What show do you think has been the most impactful up until now? I’d love to hear from you, so reach out to me on Instagram: @cailab.rose


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