Building and grounds get a makeover

Nov. 19, 2022

By Emma Bannon
Staff Writer

As you walk through the hallways, you are likely to notice plenty of changes around the school. 

Since the end of last school year, the hallways on the first floor have been repainted, air conditioners were installed in classrooms, new flooring was put in on the first floor, drinking fountains were updated, six Promethean Boards were installed throughout various classrooms and a mantrap was added to the student entrance. 

This fall, the track and football field were replaced. Additionally, a welcome mural is now located at the student entrance, and spirit banners featuring an Old English “L” and Lyndhurst’s motto line the periphery of the high school’s campus.

An LED sign is on its way and camera and software systems are in the process of being installed in collaboration with the Lyndhurst Police Department.

Principal Ms. Vuono said these updates were long overdue. 

“The high school is full of history, but we need to keep it current,” Vuono said. 

According to Vuono, the total cost of the updates is around $1,737,000. Although the projects came with a hefty price tag, she said the updates were worthwhile.

Vuono said her favorite update is the freshly painted gray walls on the first floor. She said she is hopeful the second floor and stairwells will be painted by next school year, but she does not have an exact time frame for when this project will begin. 

“The new paint adds a brightness to the school,” Vuono said. “The old paint was a reminder of [an] administration of the past, and it was time for a change.”

“The high school is full of history, but we need to keep it current.”

Junior Gadiel Acevedo said he is glad to see the progress at LHS.

“The new updates definitely make the school more appealing,” Acevedo said. “Changes needed to be made, and I am happy [the administration] decided to fix some things up.” 

Acevedo especially likes the air conditioning, which he said is necessary for the warmer months. However, he wishes the walls were painted a different color.

“The color now is a little boring. I feel like our school colors should have been represented more in the hallways,” Acevedo said. 

Sophomore Elona Megally, who is on the junior varsity football, outdoor track and field and flag football team, said she is excited about the changes that will impact athletics.

“A new field was really needed,” Megally said. “It will give the whole team a new sense of pride, not only in our team but in our school.” 

Megally said the new track will impress her teammates and athletes coming from other schools. 

While Megally said she is happy with the updates, there are other projects she would like the school to take on. She said the indoor trainer’s office should be refreshed because it is old and small. She would also like to see changes in the locker rooms.

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