JV boys soccer players say lessons learned this season will help them next year

Nov. 21, 2022

By Julian Cruz
Staff Writer

The junior varsity boys soccer team ended its season on Oct. 28 with a 4-1-5 record.

Freshman Andrey Pashenko, who is a left midfielder, said he is aiming to do better next season because the team has more potential than it displayed this season. He said he was disappointed his team did not make it to the championship. 

One of the highlights of the season was the Secaucus game at home on Oct. 13, which LHS won with a score of 3-1. 

“Even though we won, we were still expecting to do a lot better,” Pashenko said. “Even though we didn’t do as well as we wanted, my main goal was to do good for the rest of the season, and I did play good,” Pashenko said.

He said he hopes the team’s energy will lead the players to success next season.

“Even if we are down one or more players, we will fight to win in this next season. This was one of our weaknesses, and we think that we have eliminated it,” Pashenko said.

Like Pashenko, freshman Sebastian Erostico, who plays left wing, said he is optimistic about next year.

“Even if we are down one or more players, we will fight to win in this next season.”

“I like the direction the team has taken this season, and I’m excited for the next season and beyond. The team will be so much better next season,” Erostico said. “We plan on giving this next season two times the amount of effort that we did this season…. Our team is better than ever since we all have a common goal of winning.”

Erostico said the players now know their strengths and weaknesses, which will help them in future games.

“We know how much we have to improve,” Erostico said. ”Some of our weaknesses [were] us not working as a team and playing for ourselves, and our strengths [were] us having good friendships outside of soccer and in the game.” 

Freshman Kyle Figueiredo, who plays right back, said the win against Secaucus was an opportunity for team bonding and strengthened the players’ camaraderie.

“This game was a great morale and energy booster for me and the team as a whole,” Figueiredo said. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t win a game after, but we are looking to do amazing play for the next season and to get back to the level of play that we were at during that game.”

Figueiredo said his goal for next season is to play well and win the championship.

 “With our friendship within and outside the game, we have the confidence to win a lot of games,” Figueiredo said.

Figueiredo said the Secaucus win helped him believe in his abilities without making him cocky. 

“Our team is very talented and passionate about the game of soccer, and with the confidence we carried over from the game against Secaucus, we know we can play well next season,” said Figueiredo.

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