For delicious and eclectic food, head to The Front Porch Pub

Nov. 22, 2023

By Giovanni Mule
Staff Writer

After looking around for a unique restaurant, I stumbled upon a cozy place called The Front Porch Pub in Hawthorne. The Front Porch Pub opened in 2015 as a pub that infuses Asian culinary traditions with American bar foods.  

I loved everything about my meal, as every dish presented a symphony of flavor.

I started with the single fried wings appetizer ($8 for five pieces or $16 for 10 pieces), and these might have been the best wings I’ve ever eaten. Although the wings were really messy, the sauce and the chicken were scrumptious, leaving me in pure awe.

The other appetizer I had was the mak ’n cheese ($10). It was in a small bowl, but when I had my first bite it was magnificent. The cheese was sharp, and even though it is difficult to mess up mak ’n cheese, I could tell how much effort was put into making the dish.

My entree, a Guinness burger with french fries ($17), was a delight to my taste buds. 

My entree, a Guinness burger with french fries ($17), was a delight to my taste buds.

The meat in this reasonably priced burger was juicy and came with bacon, crispy onions, homemade Guinness sauce, a lotus leaf bun and mozzarella. I appreciated the flavor the toppings provided, and the sauce made this burger exceptional. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice as well with both indoor and outdoor seating. The Front Porch Pub has a one-of-a-kind charm, and the atmosphere of the establishment was calming and relaxing.

An item I want to try during my next visit is the Nashville chicken sandwich ($16). This item looked really good when I saw someone in my family get it, and they had good things to say about it. It contained a generous portion of chicken, looked crispy and came with a fresh bun.

I left the restaurant feeling happy and well-fed. Every item I tasted fantastic and did not disappoint, so I will definitely be going back to The Front Porch Pub.

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