Today is National Twins Day

Dec. 18, 2023

By Nikki Antonesco
Managing Editor

In honor of National Twins Day, The Lighthouse caught up with six LHS twins. Here’s what they said makes being a twin so special:

“You’re never alone and always have someone to talk to when you need help.” – Nicole Marnik, grade 9 (twin of Emma Marnik)

“We can always talk with each other since we share the same experiences.” – Farah Afifi, grade 10 (twin of Hana Afifi)

“It’s cool because we share the same life.” – Joe Bufi, grade 10 (twin of Lorenzo Bufi)

“Though there are a lot of unnecessary arguments, knowing that your twin will be by your side no matter what is a blessing.” – Asya Akar, grade 11 (twin of Bartu Akar)

“We’ll always be built-in-best friends.” – Kayla Turano, grade 12 (twin of Sophia Turano)

“Even if we separate in life, we will always have each other.” – Amber Vergara, grade 12 (twin of Erick Vergara)

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