With a fresh, new location, it’s worth paying a visit to Vinnie’s Mootz

Jan. 9, 2024

By Giovanni Mule
Staff Writer

Right across the street from Lyndhurst Town Hall, there is a not-to-be-missed restaurant and cheese shop called Vinnie’s Mootz. It originally opened on Ridge Road in 2019, but in March, it moved to its new location at 356 Valley Brook Ave. 

PHOTO BY GIOVANNI MULE The Nicky Mootz Sandwich ($12.95) includes chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, bacon and hot sauce and bacon.

When customers step into Vinnie’s Mootz, they cannot help but feel like they are being transported to Italy, with the smell of fresh mozzarella filling the shop and artwork depicting Italian scenes covering the walls.

As the name implies, Vinnie’s Mootz’s specialty product is its mozzarella, which is sold in one-pound balls that sell for $13. What sets its mozzarella apart from the rest is how soft and fresh it is. Customers can take it home and serve it with almost anything, but if they prefer, they can purchase Vinnie Mootz’s delicious premade sandwiches and pizza. 

PHOTO BY GIOVANNI MULE Mootz balls at Vinnie’s Mootz sell for $13 per pound.

My favorite sandwich is the Nicky Mootz ($12.95), which consists of a chicken cutlet, mozzarella, bacon and hot sauce. The hot sauce makes this sandwich so special as it perfectly complements the mozzarella by creating a hot and splendid flavor. The bacon on top also adds more crunch to the sandwich. And, of course, the toasted bread is crispy and delicious.

The hot sauce makes this sandwich so special as it perfectly complements the mozzarella by creating a hot and splendid flavor.

Another outstanding sandwich is the Busted Knee ($12.95), which includes turkey, bacon, provolone, garlic mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes. This sandwich tastes more like a traditional one at a deli with the highlights being the juiciness of the tomato and the crunchiness of the bacon. The quality of the turkey is also very good. It is not at all dry, which can be a problem with turkey. 

PHOTO BY MATTEO MORELLI The Margherita Pizza ($23) includes tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil.

When it comes to pizza, give the Margherita pie ($23.00) a try. In addition to the mozzarella, the sauce, which has a hint of sweetness, makes this pizza absolutely spectacular. This pizza feeds about four people, so it is ideal for a dinner with family or friends.

I have enjoyed everything I have ever eaten at Vinnie’s Mootz. Each time I go there, I am beyond excited, and I look forward to returning to indulge in more of this establishment’s fantastic food. 

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