Students weigh in on whether PC or console is better

Jan. 16, 2024

By Sean Disbrow
Staff Writer

This article is part of an in-depth reporting project about video games.

Before one plays a video game, one must decide whether to use a console, PC or mobile device, with the first two being the most popular. 

When choosing between a console and PC, price and performance are the main factors to consider.

Consoles usually range in price from $200-$500 depending on the features and the type of console. PCs tend to sell for $1,000-$4,000

Both have strengths and weaknesses. PCs have a bigger game library and generally perform better. In contrast, consoles provide a standardized experience but do not require any input or technological knowledge. 

Senior Jayden Rodriguez said he prefers console over PC.

“The console, over time, will become more evolved and will surpass the PC in all aspects.”

“Consoles are easier to transport, and I feel like the design of a console is more optimal and compatible for video games,” Rodriguez said. “It gives the player a better experience of what gaming is supposed to be.”

He said PC players miss out on great game experiences.

“Console has more story games and exclusives such as Spider-Man 2 and God of War, which PC either doesn’t have access to or [players have] to wait an extended amount of time to play [these games],” Rodriguez said. “The console, over time, will become more evolved and will surpass the PC in all aspects.”

Unlike Rodriguez, senior Joshua Gaughran, who plays on both a console and PC, said he prefers PC.

“Most games are better on PC because of their precision and mobility, and the performance is better,” Gaughran said.

He said PCs give players more options than consoles.

“There is more accessibility, and [the] Steam [extension] is its own separate thing, which has even more game options for PC players,” Gaughran said.


While he prefers PCs, Gaughran said they take up more space.

“For a PC, you need more space for your mouse and keyboard, whereas with a console, you can be more relaxed since you don’t have to have a specific setup,” Gaughran said.

Sophomore Mariah Allen said she prefers PC because it is faster and easier for beginners.

“If you want to play something, you can just sit down and play, and I feel like there [are] more suitable games for PC than for console,” Allen said. “It takes longer to learn how to play a game on console because of the controls, and games don’t always have the same controls. With PC, it’s usually the same four buttons.”

Allen prefers playing video games on a PC but said she recognizes the advantages of the console.

“The newer consoles have had great new features, and whenever they [are] released, they tend to sell out very quickly,” said Allen.

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