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There’s nothing like the feeling of crocheting

Jan. 30, 2024

By Marez Melad
Staff Writer

Some may find crocheting to be stressful or hard, but for me, it is a very soothing hobby. Like meditation, the motions of crocheting help reduce my worries.

Every time I crochet, which is about once a month, I pour all my emotions into the hobby and have a sense of accomplishment upon completing a project. Thinking “I made this!” or “I finished it!” brings me pride, and when my family and friends see my joy, they feel the same way.

I have been crocheting since fourth grade, when I was a student in a Catholic school in Egypt taking a mandatory crochet class. Initially, I found crocheting difficult, but as I practiced every week in class, it got easier. By the time the class ended, I was an expert at crochet and could do the activity without thinking.

Not only did this class teach me how to crochet, it allowed me to create happy memories with my close friends. As we crocheted, we talked and shared stories, which led to many laughs and cultivated lifelong bonds.

My love for crocheting developed not only in school but by watching my grandma and aunt crochet. Both of them used to make me scarves and cardigans. These gifts might seem small or meaningless, but they were significant to me because they were symbols of love.

I also enjoy crocheting because it is a beneficial skill. It empowers crocheters to create their own accessories, clothes and even toys like stuffed animals, which can save a lot of money in the long run. Those who really enjoy crocheting or are especially capable of it can even start a small business and make a profit by selling their creations.

My love for crocheting dates back to fourth grade when I was a student in a Catholic school in Egypt taking a mandatory crochet class.

One of the best aspects of crocheting is that it gives me an opportunity to design an item that looks and fits exactly as I want, and I can choose a color scheme that appeals to my taste.

Now is an especially useful time to crochet because crocheted items are in style. Among my recent projects have been cute crop tops and tote bags, one of which I gifted to my sister, who is in seventh grade. Just as my grandma and aunt showed their caring by crocheting items for me, I now do the same for my sister.

I have been crocheting for the better part of a decade, and I cannot see my life without the pastime. It is more than a hobby or practical activity. It has become a part of my identity, which I will always cherish.

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