Boost your well-being: Apps to reduce stress and improve mindfulness

Feb. 17, 2024

By Dana Treier

This article is part of an in-depth reporting project about self-care and self-love.

With the school year just over the halfway point, assignments may seem endless, and it could appear that there is no time to relax and put your needs first. 

Fortunately, you can check out these self-care apps to prioritize yourself and strengthen your well-being:

Aloe Bud

This app ensures that you never feel lonely since you always have a pixelated plant companion to keep you company. Aloe Bud guides you through notifications as you complete your daily goals. By helping you practice positive habits, Aloe Bud encourages you to prioritize your present self as you become your future self.


Nothing is quite as relaxing as meditating. Calm encompasses a library of self-care activities, including but not limited to, reminders to drink, eat and spend time with loved ones. It concentrates on improving sleep, strengthening focus and reducing stress.


Make your love for gardening digital with Eden, which helps you take care of yourself while tending a garden to map your habits and create a future. This habit-tracker companion app rewards users by growing a digital flower for each completed task. Continue completing tasks to ensure your garden remains vibrant.


Self-care can be an adventure when you use Fabulous to go on a journey consisting of customized messages of encouragement one receives for completing positive deeds.


In this app, users are guided by their self-care micropet to help their mental health. These micropets range from the more realistic Corgi to the fanciful Squiggle and Wizard. These virtual companions remind users they are not alone, and the app provides users with a journal for reflection. Users can invite others to join them in their Tree Town and remind others of their objectives.


This app is ideal for people who like digital games. It allows users to escape reality and participate in activities that reframe negative thoughts. Happify enhances emotional well-being by assisting users in reducing anxiety, pessimistic thoughts and stress.


After a long day, take time to reflect and practice gratitude by journaling in the app. Additionally, Remente acts as a life coach, encouraging users to map out their future plans with a to-do list.


Never underestimate the impact of encouraging words. Shine is an instant messaging app that sends motivational texts and short audio recordings about self-improvement to users. This app also includes self-care challenges like listening to ambient music playlists, bedtime stories and original meditations to help alter perspectives.


Nothing prepares you for a new day like a good night’s sleep. Take a short assessment in the Shleep app, and it will provide customized learning modules to determine how to improve your schedule. The app automatically offers exercises to keep track of sleep patterns so you will wake up feeling refreshed.


If you like brain teasers, you’ll love Symblify. Utilizing virtual symbol cards to activate both sides of the brain, this scientifically-tested life coach app helps users develop new perspectives, organize their thoughts and understand their feelings as they go through difficult situations.


If you are unable to seek professional help, this mental healthcare AI chatbot is a useful temporary service available right at your fingertips. According to Youper, this app has been demonstrated to be therapeutically beneficial in lowering anxiety and symptoms of depression.

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