In-person learning is the best type of education

March 25, 2024

By Alexa Cizek
Staff Writer

This month marks four years since the pandemic began and schools went remote. Reflecting on that time, I am so happy in-person school is back in session, and I have never been more certain that in-person learning is better than online learning. 

Students face many distractions when they are learning remotely. When Covid-19 came around in 2020, students were forced to learn online through platforms like Google Classroom and Zoom. Without a teacher nearby to supervise, students were often on their phones and off task when they should have been doing their schoolwork. Others wandered around their home, played video games or even took a nap rather than focusing on their academics.

When students attend school online, they learn less than they would in person. This is because learning in person forces students to sit down and listen to the teacher with limited distractions. If students are not doing their work in a teacher’s presence, they face more serious consequences.

Another reason in-person learning is superior is because a lot of students struggle with technical problems while learning virtually. For example, students encounter problems with their internet connection or their technology stops working. According to the news organization Education Week, 20% of teachers surveyed had problems with technology, including students’ lack of access to the internet, devices or students’ and families’ struggles using technology during the pandemic. 

When students attend school online, they learn less than they would in person.

When students learn in person, they have teachers and support staff to assist with technical difficulties. If the device a student needs does not work, they can still learn by listening to the teacher and participating in class discussions. Also, schools have professionals whose jobs are to help students with any technological issues they encounter. Therefore, if a student’s Wi-Fi is not working or a Chromebook does not turn on, a technology specialist can quickly address and resolve those issues.

The most important reason in-person learning is better than remote learning is the social aspect. In school, students can interact with new people and make plenty of friends, which is difficult to do online. Yes, a student can still make friends while attending online classes, but it is much easier to have a conversation when students are face-to-face.

Online learning has some positive attributes. For instance, being at home can be more comfortable and some students’ homes are relatively free of distractions. However, overall, the benefits of learning in-person outweigh the benefits of online schooling, which is why in-person learning should continue to be the norm in education.

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