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The Lighthouse is the official student newspaper of Lyndhurst High School in Lyndhurst, NJ. The publication has a rich history dating back to 1929. It is founded on the principles of accurate, balanced and objective reporting of topics selected by and for LHS students. If you notice an error, please inform us via email.

All reviews and opinion pieces represent the views of the authors. Editorials are unsigned as they reflect the majority opinion of the staff.

The Lighthouse is produced by approximately 44 students across three sections of the journalism elective class taught by Ms. Tanya Pastor.

A print copy of the newspaper is published monthly between November and June. Electronic copies are available on issuu.com/lhslighthouse or in this Google Drive folder. The print publication is generally released on the second Friday of each month. It is distributed to students during Block 1 and is also available on racks located outside the cafeteria and gym. Those who would like The Lighthouse mailed to their homes can subscribe by filling out the subscription form found here.

The Lighthouse is a free forum that accepts letters to the editors on an ongoing basis. Letters can be submitted via email. To be considered for publication, letters must be under 350 words and signed with the author’s first and last name. Authors will receive an email confirming publication of their letters, which may be edited for spelling, grammar, length or libelous content. The Lighthouse reserves the right to return letters for corrections and refuse publication of the letters it receives. 

Opinion articles, columns, reviews, personal narratives, podcasts and senior tributes represent the opinions of individual students on The Lighthouse staff. They do not represent the views of The Lighthouse organization or Lyndhurst High School. Editorials are unsigned as they represent the majority opinion of the staff.

This is the seventh year The Lighthouse has an official website. Please bookmark lighthouse.lyndhurstschools.net and visit us often. Online exclusive content and content reprinted from the monthly print newspaper will be posted regularly on this website.  Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram and X @LHSLighthouse for breaking news and additional content.