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Head-to-Head: There is no need for a presidential age limit

March 16, 2024 By Kiara Rasmussen Staff Writer With a president who is 81 years old, there has never been more discussion on the topic of setting an age limit to serve in this important position. However, age should not force politicians to retire, as that is ... More »


Head-to-Head: The US needs a presidential age limit

March 16, 2024 By Ava Gonzalez Staff Writer The United States has a reputation as the land of the free with endless opportunities to fulfill one’s dreams. However, that does not mean these aspirations should continue indefinitely. When it comes to the presiden... More »


College-Bound Corner: Stay strong in the face of senioritis

March 11, 2024 By Keso Mumladze Staff Writer With the third marking period at its midpoint, it is important for seniors to keep their motivation high and stay focused on their schoolwork. Unfortunately, many seniors struggle with senioritis, which is the collo... More »


College-Bound Corner: 4 skills to develop in the year ahead

Jan. 19, 2024 By Keso Mumladze Staff Writer With a new year just beginning, it is the perfect time for students to commit themselves to cultivating personal skills that will help them achieve their goals. These include time management, creating a resume, volun... More »