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Nazli’s Closet: Keep cool with these terrific trends

June 4, 2019 By Nazli Tiyaloglu Managing Editor   With summer right around the corner, it’s time to update your wardrobe! Whether you’re going on vacation to the Bahamas, taking a day trip to the beach or just grabbing ice cream with your date, here are some t... More »


Student Spotlight: Jordan Werner

May 1, 2019 By Carina Paserchia Managing Editor For the month of May, The Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to junior Jordan Werner. He participates in football, basketball and track—all at a varsity level—and is involved in extracurricular activities includ... More »


Student Spotlight: Mackenzie Gress

April 18, 2019 By Somaia Hassan Editor For the month of April, the Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to student athlete Mackenzie Gress, who is a freshman. She first stepped onto the soccer field at the age of seven and has never left it since. Gress, who is... More »


The Monthly Pessimist: Senioritis plagues the Class of 2019

April 5, 2019 By Sebastian Cabrera Editor       Do you constantly snooze your alarm in the morning and struggle to wake up for school? Do you find yourself saying, “Forget it, I’ll just do the assignment later” or “I’ll wake up early tomorrow to do it”? Do you... More »


Do-It-Yourself: Make your own Easter Bunny centerpiece

April 2, 2019 By Jefferson Lima Staff Writer Materials: Plastic jar, Pom Craft Easter Bunny, decorative shred, small clay pot, blue paint, hot glue gun and ribbon   Step 1: Paint the small clay pot with two coats of blue paint.   Step 2: Fill a third of the pl... More »


Student Spotlight: Emily Gabriel

March 12, 2019 By Carina Paserchia Managing Editor For the month of March, The Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to sophomore Emily Gabriel. In addition to being enrolled in four honors classes and Advanced Placement World History, Gabriel is highly involved... More »