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The Monthly Pessimist: Hallway traffic worse than highway traffic

Nov. 8, 2018         By Joe Sandomenico Staff Writer Don’t you hate it when the bell rings and you just want to get to your next class so you can learn… but you can’t? Why? Because other students are making it nearly impossible to move through LHS’ hallways. I... More »


Student Spotlight: Casey Cirne

Nov. 8, 2018 By Carina Paserchia Managing Editor For the month of November, The Lighthouse turns the spotlight over to freshman Casey Cirne. When the varsity cheerleading team was in need of a new golden bear, Cirne stepped up for the challenge. Along with bei... More »


Do-It-Yourself: Make your own cinnamon candle holder

Nov 2, 2018 By Victoria Niedbal Editor This cinnamon candle holder makes a wonderful table centerpiece or fireplace mantel decoration. Add a candle, and you have created a beautiful, cozy fall ambiance in any room of your home. With all of these great uses, le... More »