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Therapy dog program comes to Lyndhurst Public Schools

Nov. 20, 2022 By Emilia Calabrese Editor-in-Chief Before the end of the school year, students will notice some furry friends sauntering around their schools. This is because the Lyndhurst Public School District is implementing a therapy dog program to boost cl... More »


Building and grounds get a makeover

Nov. 19, 2022 By Emma Bannon Staff Writer As you walk through the hallways, you are likely to notice plenty of changes around the school.  Since the end of last school year, the hallways on the first floor have been repainted, air conditioners were installed i... More »


Federal policy focuses on speedy removal of space debris

Nov. 17, 2022 By Lily Anderson Staff Writer The U.S. Federal Communications Commission approved a policy on Sept. 29 that sets a five-year limit for organizations to remove dead satellites from orbit. Previously, the FCC allowed companies 25 years to remove th... More »


Students step into the spotlight at Lyndhurst’s Got Talent

Nov. 4, 2022 By Michelle Gozdek Staff Photographer On Oct. 19, 18 LHS students showcased their talents in the auditorium at the school’s very own talent show, Lyndhurst Got Talent.  The students were evaluated by a panel of four judges, which consisted of gym ... More »


Former journalism students return to discuss college life

June 20, 2022 By Carolyne Mooney Editor On June 7 and 8, seven LHS graduates from the Class of 2021 returned to reflect on their first year in college at the annual Alumni Panel in Ms. Pastor’s journalism classes. In these sessions, former The Lighthouse staff... More »