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Suspicious packages sent to government officials

Map courtesy of Google Maps Dec. 4, 2018 By Andrew Estafanous Staff Writer Two weeks before the national midterm elections, a series of suspicious and potentially explosive packages addressed to high-ranking Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump wer... More »


New Jersey comes closer to legalizing recreational marijuana

Nov. 14, 2018 By Ambar Cabrera Editor After many promises and political debates, there is a bill in the New Jersey legislature to legalize recreational marijuana. If passed, New Jersey would become the ninth state to allow those 21 years and older to possess m... More »


FDA takes action to blow away teen nicotine epidemic

Nov 2, 2018 By Nicolle Tyszka Staff Writer There is a detrimental trend sweeping the younger generation. No longer than 3.5 inches, the portable and well-known electronic cigarette Juul has wreaked havoc on teen smoking rates. The Food and Drug Administration ... More »