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Too much screen time can lead to loneliness

Jan. 26, 2022 By Lexi Augustyniak Staff Writer Technology is a monster for mental health. There are many indicators that suggest technology does, in fact, make people feel more alone, with teenagers feeling the brunt of the impact. According to the American Ac... More »


New Year’s resolutions are pretty pointless

Jan. 20, 2022 By Jude McElroy Editor New Year’s has come and gone, and you or someone you know probably made a resolution to ring in the new year. But was that resolution kept?  According to the health and wellness blog Discover Happy Habits, only 64% of peopl... More »


Steph Curry claims his spot in NBA history

Jan. 18, 2022 By Jolie Paz-Garcia Staff Writer Steph Curry made history on Dec. 14, setting the all-time 3-point record of 2,977, surpassing Ray Allen’s record of 2,974. The Golden State Warrior did it in 789 games, which is 511 games fewer than Allen.  It is ... More »


Time is running out to save the planet

Dec. 20, 2021 By Tara Tiyaloglu Staff Writer “Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming whether you like it or not.” – Greta Thunberg at the Climate Action Summit in 2019 Eighteen-year-old Swedish activist Gr... More »


The testing this fall was tedious, but it was for good reason

Dec. 8, 2021 By Jude McElroy Editor This fall, students faced a series of tests. Sophomores and juniors took the PSAT on Oct. 13, all students took at least one Start Strong test between Oct. 18-20, and 9-11th graders took LinkIt! in late October or early Nove... More »


TikTok is addictive, but I don’t mind one bit

Nov. 25, 2021 By Vanessa Guevara Staff Writer TikTok, which has become the 8th most popular social media app in the world, came out in 2016, but it only caught my attention about a year-and-a-half ago. Nowadays, I spend about three hours on TikTok every day, g... More »


‘Less is more’ when it comes to screen time

Nov. 17, 2021 By Amerie Diaz Staff Writer The shift from in-person to virtual learning during the pandemic led to a rise in screen time for students. Unfortunately, the continuous use of technology has become the norm in education. Adapting to learning online ... More »


Head-to-Head: Gen Z is not the ‘lost generation’

June 16, 2021 By Jake McCann Staff Writer The pandemic has caused all people, including children, to suffer. Remote learning has been difficult for students whose homes are not a suitable learning environment. Absences have doubled since the start of the pande... More »


SATs and ACTs should remain optional in college admissions

June 15, 2021 By Christa Ruiz Staff Writer This article is part of The Lighthouse’s five-part in-depth reporting series dedicated to the Class of 2021. The SATs and ACTs have been a required part of the college application at colleges and universities across t... More »