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I am grateful for the people who have made my life better

March 18, 2023 By Kayla Oglivie Staff Writer My family and friends have changed my life in various ways for the better. Their presence can instantly transform my mood from being pessimistic and sad to being hopeful and joyful.  First, there is my father, who c... More »


Covid-19 has changed my life significantly

March 13, 2023 By Ava Gonzalez Staff Writer Exactly three years ago, I was packing my backpack to leave school for what was supposed to be a two-week quarantine. Little did I know this was just the beginning of a long challenge that would change my life signif... More »


Why I love public transportation

March 11, 2023 By Janset Cinaz Editor For billions of people throughout the world, public transportation serves as an essential connection to other people, places and opportunities. Despite the fact that public transportation is less common in small towns like... More »


There’s no sense in dwelling on the past

March 5, 2023 By Nia Locier Staff Writer The past can be an alluring place to stay. It is easy to dwell on it, reminiscing the events that have already happened and the life we used to live. It’s like reading the same chapter repeatedly. Unfortunately, some pe... More »


10 ways I practice gratitude

March 4, 2023 By Kayla Oglivie Staff Writer When 2023 started, I committed myself to practice gratitude daily. I realized I needed to do this because I was often in a terrible mood and feeling lazy. I no longer wanted people to view me as angry, so I vowed to ... More »


A year ago, I tore my ACL. This is how it changed my life.

Feb. 12, 2023 By Anastasia Loutroutzis Webmaster I used to be a sports-oriented person. I never prioritized school, and I would always argue with my mom that sports were more important than academics. That quickly changed exactly one year ago. It was my first ... More »


Asking for help isn’t as easy as it seems

Jan. 31, 2023 By Nia Locier Staff Writer Asking for help comes naturally to many people but not me. I struggle to ask for help in small ways when I need assistance with homework or directions.  More problematic is that it is tough for me to ask for help when i... More »


I embrace my introverted identity

Jan. 25, 2023 By Nia Locier Staff Writer I’m an introvert, but I’ve always been aware that most people don’t see me as one. And to be honest, I can see why.  I like to be around people, but some things just don’t amuse me the way they do others. Going out with... More »


Dance helped me overcome my shyness

Jan. 19, 2023 By Bethany Negron Staff Writer Getting over my shyness took time. As a little kid, I was super shy and hated talking to people I didn’t know. Even introducing myself even to family members was a struggle for me.  I would always end up behind my p... More »


Being the new girl in town worked out for me

Dec. 15, 2022 By Nia Locier Staff Writer Moving to a new town as a teenager is hard. The thought of relocating is stressful, or at least it was for me. I came from Clifton, where I spent my whole life. I met most of my friends when I was five or six years old,... More »