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There’s nothing like the feeling of crocheting

Jan. 30, 2024 By Marez Melad Staff Writer Some may find crocheting to be stressful or hard, but for me, it is a very soothing hobby. Like meditation, the motions of crocheting help reduce my worries. Every time I crochet, which is about once a month, I pour al... More »


After many struggles, I finally embrace my Mexican identity

Jan. 7, 2024 By Adriana Dominguez-Toxtli Staff Writer It always annoys me when people ask me “Where are you from?” When people try to guess where I’m from, Mexican is rarely their first guess. As awful as the stereotypes are against Mexicans, I’d rather have p... More »


I will never take a moment with my family for granted

Dec. 5, 2023 By Alexa Cizek Staff Writer When people hear, “Cherish every moment with your family,” they don’t always take it to heart. From a young age, I have been through a lot, and as a result, I know that well-known saying bears a lot of truth. When I was... More »


Traveling has enriched my life

June 10, 2023 By Caila Barreiros Staff Writer Traveling has always been a significant aspect of my identity. Growing up as a first-generation American, I spent many of my summers in Spain where the rest of my family lives. While there was a hiatus in my travel... More »


‘Wonder’ has left a lasting impact on me

May 18, 2023 By Nia Locier Staff Writer If I had to choose one book that has impacted me more than any others, it would certainly be “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio. This children’s novel is about a young boy named Auggie who was born with a condition called Treache... More »


I overcame my test anxiety, and you can do it too

May 15, 2023 By Martine Rivas Staff Writer Towards the end of the school year, many students experience anxiety because of major assessments including state testing and quarterlies. Test anxiety is a performance anxiety that can cause physical and emotional sy... More »


My mom is my greatest role model

May 13, 2023 By Tara Tiyaloglu Managing Editor Growing up with a single mother in a single-parent, immigrant household shaped me into who I am today. I’m independent, I know how to handle hard situations and I don’t rely on other people. My mom, my sister and ... More »


Pressure from adults can be detrimental

May 11, 2023 By Nia Locier Staff Writer Our parents are the people we look up to, and they encourage us to be happy and successful. They want what’s best for us and try to care for us. And as we get older and take on more responsibilities, they want us to be f... More »


What I’ve learned from living in 2 countries

April 23, 2023 By Debbie Ogunbowale Staff Writer Immigrating to the United States from the West African country Nigeria at the age of six was a culture shock for me. I was not used to the snow, the diversity and the constant access to electricity. I also had t... More »